There is dynamic interaction between the various curriculum areas of the Montessori classroom. While each area emphasizes specific skills, children's developing skills and knowledge are relevant in exploring other areas of the curriculum as well. This connection between different areas of curriculum enhances children's natural interest in and enthusiasm for learning new things.

The Primary program is for children from 3 to 5 years. In this mixed-age environment children spend three years in the same classroom getting to know each other and their teachers well.

Similar to a family with children of different ages, the younger children learn quickly from the older ones. The mixed age also allows the children to witness their own growth in a very concrete way. During the third year, children use the materials to explore curriculum in new and deeper ways leading to beginning skills in writing, reading and foundations of mathematics.

In our classroom, the practice of grace and courtesy, etiquette, problem solving and conflict resolution is also part of the regular curriculum. You will quickly notice the sense of order inherent in the room.